ICIPE and partners have jointly produced a range of information leaflets in English and local languages. These are widely distributed as part of the educational dissemination strategy. The flow of information about Push-pull indicates that multiple communication channels are involved in spreading awareness of the technology.


Download  by clicking the links below.

Farmers'_Guide (259 kb)

Desmodium_Vines (387 kb)

Use_Push-Pull (2.91 mb)

Luganda_Language (357 kb)

Kuza_Desmodium (260 kb)

Control_Stemborers (2.92 mb)

Sukuma_Vuta (387 kb)

Tumia_mkakati_wa_push-pull (422 kb)

Step by step step by step(3.15 mb)

Gatsby Occasional Paper step by step

Reaping the benefits step by step (1.86 mb)

Push-pull curriculum step by step (4.9 mb)

Impact assesment step by step (2.5mb)

Push-pull comics: English and Kiswahili

Enhancing the Push-pull Strategy: English , Portuguese , French , Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia