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Farmers' testimonies on impact of Push-Pull technology

Agnes Maureen Ambubi, Mushikhuku Village, Vihiga District, Kenya

“I started working on Push-Pull technology from 2002 and since then I have never left the technology because through it, I have been able to control soil erosion, Striga weed and stemborers. My livelihood has improved because I now keep a dairy cow, which feeds on fodder from Push-Pull plot and I have become a role model in my community”.

Johnson Ngige Min Arot Village, Suba District, Kenya

“Ever since I started practicing Push-Pull technology and seasons passed by, my situation started to improve. The problem of Striga infestation drastically reduced and this led to more improved land fertility as can be seen from better yields of maize that I harvested afterwards. I could now realize surplus maize yields and even have some to sell in the local market”.

Emai Ikapolok David, North Teso District, Kenya

“I have experienced tremendous improvement in maize grain yields. Before, I used to get 50 Kg from a 0.4-acre plot but now with Push-Pull , I get 540 Kg of maize from the same plot. My soil fertility level has also improved and there is a clear decrease in Striga and stemborer in the garden”.

Eric Odhiambo, Sub-chief, Ginga Sub- Location, Siaya District, Kenya

“Theft cases have reduced because everybody has enough to feed on as a result of Push-pull technology”.

Mabango Twaha, Nkaiza Village, Bugiri District, Uganda

“I used to get less than 2 bags of maize from ½ acre but now I get 5-7 bags a season from the same piece of land. My soils are now more fertile, Striga and stemborers have reduced”.

James Oduya, Min Arot Village, Suba District, Kenya

“Push-Pull technology has made me to quit masonry and concentrate on it due to its very promising economic returns”

Selphine Ogada, Kadhanja Village, Rachuonyo District, Kenya

The training I got in establishing Push-Pull has built me and I now have good farming knowledge and skills. My social status in the community has increased as people now come to seek farming advice from me..

Nactical Kutayi, Mushikhuku Village, Vihiga District, Kenya

“There might be many ways to kill a rat but I chose Push–Pull because of its effectiveness“.

Our Goal
“To end hunger and poverty for 10 million people by extending Push-Pull technology to 1 million households in sub-Saharan Africa by 2020”, Zeyaur Khan, Coordinator, Push-Pull Programme
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