Pathways on adoption

Different dissemination pathways have different economic values and this implies a need to use pathways that are less costly but offer quality information that enable farmers to make adoption decisions. In Push-Pull technology (PPT) dissemination, Field Days are relatively cheap mechanisms of training farmers and mostly preferred by the farmers. Farmer Teachers and Farmer Field Schools (FFS) on the other hand are relatively expensive in the initial stages but have the distinct benefits such as knowledge retention and constant interaction. icipe is  using these pathways at different stages of the dissemination and adoption process of PPT. Field Days are used in the initial stages of dissemination in order to speed up the adoption process, while Farmer Field Schools and Farmer Teachers are used to reinforce the messages at later stages. This is because appropriate delivery of information is very important at the initial stages of technology adoption. At later stages, access to information becomes easier since it is possible to learn using cost-effective channels, mainly from fellow farmers.  Mass media sources such as radio and print materials are used for awareness creation to reach many farmers who don’t manage to attend field days.

Murage, A.W., Amudavi, D.M., Obare, G., Chianu, J., Midega, C.A.O., Pickett, J.A., Khan, Z.R., 2011. Determining smallholder farmers' preferences for technology dissemination pathways: the case of 'push-pull' technology in the control of stemborer and striga weeds in Kenya. International Journal of Pest Management 57: 133-145.



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“To end hunger and poverty for 10 million people by extending Push-Pull technology to 1 million households in sub-Saharan Africa by 2020”, Zeyaur Khan, Coordinator, Push-Pull Programme
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